The region (Stavelot, Malmedy, Spa, Francorchamps, ...)

To ski, walk, make shopping, visit a museum, swim,. of many activities near the lodges: Stavelot (5 km), Malmedy (12 km), Trois-Ponts (15 km), Eupen, Spa, Francorchamps (20 km), ...

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Carnaval Wintersport Abbaye de Stavelot
Christmas market Speedtrack of Spa Francorchamps Karting
Zoological Museum of Eupen Castle of Reinhardstein Hiking / Walking
Coo Waterfall / Plopsa Coo Dam water of Gileppe Bellevaux brewery


Baugnez 44 Historical Center
The Malmedy Massacre

Castle Reinhardstein
Located in the heart of the Eastern Townships, partly in the Wallon region south of the Hautes Fagnes, the fortress dominates River Warche on top of its rocky pedestral, 800 metres downstream from the Robertville damme.

Museum Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
In the Abbey of Stavelot, the museum recalls the prestigious history of the Circuit Francorchamps. A large model and the consoles Playstation 2 make the circuit more concrete for the amateurs.
- Infos: - Phone : +32 (0)80 86 27 06

Pays des Castors (Beaverland)
Discovery of extraordinary beaver places (lodges, dams, canals, ...) in the heart of wild valleys of the Ardennes
The whole year through, all weekends and every day on request
Guides Office
GSM: 0498.0430.68

Marked circuits
- Route des Châteaux : 80 km.
- La route de la vallée de l'Our : 100 km
- La route des fagnes et des lacs : 100 km



Bowling from Malmedy
12 lanes, also foreseen for childrens
Avenue des Alliés, 100 - Malmedy:


Stavelot +32(0)80 862326
Vielsalm +32(0)80 216671
Trois- ponts +32(0)80 689898
Malmedy +32(0)80 330118

Plopsa Coo
Plopsa Coo (Malmedy, Trois-Ponts, Stavelot, Vielsalm...):

Rail bike of high fagnes


Thermes de spa

Wallonie tourisme pêche
L'Ardenne, au coeur des fôrets, vallons et rivières, invite aux promenades pédestres, VTT et à la pêche.


Attractions - Museums Belgique

Monde sauvage

Parc Clorophylle

Parc naturel haute fagnes

Triangle Sport


Fédération du Tourisme de la province de Liège

Tourist offices

Ski : Infos
Snow report:

Sport & Nature

Karting Spa-Francorchamps

Since the early 1920s, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit has resounded with a thousand and one fabulous tales of those heroic times in which they drove on earth roads at the wheel of awesome machines.
8 minutes from the circuit.

Coo Adenture

Green Adenture

Karting des fagnes

Parapente Belge

Ski slopes: Francorchamps
- Ski Neige Conception (Ster, 600m) + snowboard - Phone: +32 (0) 87/27 50 83
- Mont des Brumes (La Gleize, 530 m) + sleebaan -
- Okè Bike - Café Ardennais (Hockai) - Phone: +32 (0)87/27.50.98

Ski slope: Trois-Ponts
- Val de Wanne (100 m): Puzzle Planet + toboggan + snowboard - Phone: +32 (0)80/86 31 21 -

Walks: Ardennen
Maps, walk description, ...

Walks: GR 5
- GR 5: (+/- 70 km).
- From Eupen, GR 56 through Hautes Fagnes to Robertville and than direction Burg-Reuland via Butgenbach, Bullange, Manderfeld, Schönberg, Steinebrück or direction Robertville, Malmedy, Ligneuville, Recht, Emmels, St. Vith and Lommersweiler. 80 km.

Walks: hautes Fagnes, Malmedy

Ski touring: Francorchamps - Hockai, Ster
- Piste Linaigrettes - Phone: +32(0)87/27.50.98
- Etoile des Neiges -
- Piste Hotel Beau Site - Phone: +32(0)87/27.52.04
- Ski Neige Conception


Sport et Nature
Hiring VTT
Telp: +32(0)80 339701


Hotel restaurant Espritsain

Restaurant de la Place
Cuisine gastronomique
Téléphone :080/684430
Gsm : 0477/921683